Very cool that our new initiative, ‘Democracy Cafe, A System Unrigged, is catching on abroad. Here’s an email we just received:

Democracy Cafe and Socrates Cafe in Kraków, Poland

Hi Chris,

a little update from us from Kraków, Poland – we start with 2 new discussions:

Socrates Cafe in English will start this Monday and we plan to meet every 4 weeks. I expect mostly non-polish minorities to join the event which is exciting.

We also had our first Democracy Cafe last week. I took the rules we use for Socrates Cafe and put them in context of “unrigging the system”. Our first topic was “How to make our society well-informed?”. We plan to meet every 4 weeks.

I am also talking to some people about starting local meetings in Katowice, Wadowice and Gdańsk in Poland and in Berlin and Leipzig for Polish minority in Germany. Will see how it goes.

Form other news, we organized Socrates Cafe on a festival a while ago. A lot of people were interested and there are people joining their local meetings after they learned about it there.

Jakub Kocikowski