Are you checking out our Socrates Cafe podcasts? If not, please give ’em a whirl.

We have covered a range of timely and timeless questions — to the ideal purpose of money, to the power and purpose of meaningful conversations, to when should we laugh, to what it means to be an engaged and enlightened citizen. You name it.

We’ve had well known guests like Eric Liu, founder of Citizen University; Jon Algier, President of James Madison University, Barry Kibrick, producer and host of the Emmy-winning TV program Between the Lines.  And we’ve had not so well-known guests with incredibly compelling stories.

So, what’s the difference between the Socrates Cafe podcast and the gazillions of others out there?

We have no agenda of any kind, except to listen, and learn — and in the process, further sculpt kinds of selves that are more connected, to oneself and the world at large, that are more forward-looking, forever works in progress, and that aim to achieve what the Greeks of old called arete, a type of human excellence in which duty to self and others go hand in glove.

Using a unique version of the Socratic Method developed by Christopher Phillips over the last 20-plus years via his longtime Socrates Cafe labor of love (with hundreds of ongoing groups across the globe), what we do is give our guests an opportunity not just to share, but to further discover and reveal, their unique story as we open up our childlike questioning lenses and open ourselves to explorations in a world of dazzling colors.

And we do so via the exploration of a timely and timeless philosophical question.

Hope you’ll listen in, and follow us.